After applying the drawing process to hot rolled sheets, baklava pattern is given in its own special mold! Baklava sheets, which are frequently preferred in many different structures, are used especially for decorative purposes.


What Are The Properties Of Baklava Sheets?

Baklava patterned sheets produced as an alternative to plain black sheets find wide use in many different areas. Because the surface of the baklava sheet, which is often preferred on the steps, is serrated, people slip and fall. it also hinders.

We should also add to our notes that it provides more durability than flat black sheets as strength. In terms of prices, it also stands out as an alternative compared to many other sheet metal types.


Usage Areas Of Baklava Patterned Sheets

It is especially preferred because of its pattern and is frequently used on floors and walls with its decorative appearance.

It can also occur on walkways, ramps and exterior applications, as we can see in fire escapes, on many floors that are usually wet, in the cases of trucks and trucks.


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