ST44 sheet products are also referred to as black sheet products. Flat steels produced with ST 44 quality are among the most preferred and produced building products in our country and in the world. It is a product produced by hot rolling as ST 44 quality black sheet plate, which is extremely high due to its wide area of ​​use.


ST44 Black Sheet Plate Usage Areas

The usage areas of ST44 black sheet metal plates are quite wide. The product, which is frequently preferred in the whole industry and in our country, ranges from construction machinery manufacturing to ship and shipyard structures.

ST44 black sheet plates, which are preferred especially in construction equipment in the manufacture of road rail vehicles, are also used in boiler manufacturing and storage tanks.

You can benefit from the expertise of our company Demirağ Sheet Metal in order to have the advantage of using quality by including quality in the purchase process of the product produced in different thicknesses. It is also possible to get the privilege of purchasing quality at an affordable price in the productions we use with the use of advanced technology.


ST44 Black Sheet Purchase Transactions

Since the usage area of ​​flat steel products produced with ST44 quality and produced by hot rolling is quite wide, its production is also quite high. ST44 sheet metal price is offered differently according to product technical specifications. You can make your purchase by making your selection of product features such as weight, width and tonnage.

The product variety with the appropriate technical features for your area of ​​use is presented to you in the ST44 sheet price list. Make your choices according to different usage areas on the standard list. In addition to the company, you can also place a special order for the product that has the technical feature that suits your needs.

You can also get detailed information about ST44 sheet metal prices for special production orders by contacting our Demirağ Sac Metal company customer representative. By contacting our customer representative immediately, you can also get the advantage of purchasing products with quality production at an affordable price.

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