ST52 sheets; Sheet steel constructions with a tensile characteristic of 52 kg / mm are also frequently used steel materials. It is recommended that you pay attention to the technical production details in the purchasing process of ST 2 sheet products produced in sheets. The product with the most suitable feature can be easily purchased by looking at the values ​​such as changing size and thickness.


Where is ST52 Sheet Used?

ST52 sheet metal products attract attention with their different usage areas. In the process of purchasing ST52 sheet products, which are prepared as plates and presented for use, attention should be paid to the dimensions such as size and thickness.

The product, which is also involved in the production of spare parts, especially in the construction sector, is also used in the manufacture of agricultural vehicles, parts and apparatus. In addition, ST52 sheet metal can be used in the production of construction machinery, agricultural vehicles and many different engineering products.

It is recommended that you purchase the product by determining the most suitable product feature for your area of ​​use. With years of experience and expertise, we offer our productions with the Demirağ Sac Metal brand. It is possible to easily obtain the product that has the feature suitable for your needs among the productions we perform by using advanced technology.


How to Buy ST52 Sheets?

For ST52 sheet metal purchasing operations, it is necessary to pay attention to product features and select accordingly. ST sheet prices have different options according to changing features. By examining the information in the ST52 sheet price list in detail, you can see both the features and prices.

ST52 price varies in special productions as well as the features in our product list. With the support of our Demirağ Sac Metal company customer representative, you can take the advantage of purchasing quality products by supplying the necessary products.

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