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Plasma cutting is the application of hot and accelerated plasma to the surface where the cutting process will be performed due to a substance with high electrical conductivity. With this cutting technique, materials such as aluminum, steel, sheet metal, copper can be cut very sharply and smoothly.

Plasma cutting devices have found their place in many areas of the industry, from large industrial companies to hobby workshops, thanks to their high speed and precision cutting and low operating cost.

The basic principle of plasma cutting is that an electric channel is created by a heated and electrically ionized gas (which is also called plasma) towards the material to be cut. This electrical circuit is grounded by the grounding terminal and the operation of the system is ensured. Compressed gases such as oxygen and air can be used depending on the type of material to be cut off from the operation of this system. The electric arc is formed in the gas between the hole (nozzle) from which the gas comes out and the material. The electric arc ionizes part of the gas, creating an electrical channel between the plasma and the material. Using this electrical channel, the electrons travel from the cutter torch to the material and generate enough heat to melt the material. At this time, high-speed plasma and compressed gas spray molten metals, preventing roughness on the surface.

Thanks to plasma cutting, it is possible to cut both thin and thick materials. Steel sheet with 38mm thickness can be cut with hand plasma cutting machines, while plasma cutting machines can cut up to 150mm thickness.

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